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How trustio works

Protection for both sides of a service transaction

Trustio vs. Others


Step 1:

Project creation

Freelancer/contractor creates a project and tasks they will complete. This information gets sent to the client for approval.

Step 2:

Immediate project funding

Client approves and funds entire project or individual tasks within the project. Funding stays with Trustio until freelancer/contractor completes tasks in the project.

Step 3:

Simple project management

Freelancer/contractor and client communicate through the app and progress of work is documented. No more searching through emails and texts to find out the status of a job.

Step 4:

Funds release

Freelancer/contractor completes a task or tasks, client approves, and funds get released immediately to the freelancer/contractor.

"In the last 6 months trustio has helped me close three more deals per month on average. Thank you Trustio for this awesome app."

James N.


“I've always been hesitant working with new contractors, but with Trustio, I know my money is secure and the job gets done.”

Maria S

Real estate developer

“I love my work as a freelancer, but I hate chasing after clients to get paid after a project is complete. Trustio has made getting paid so much easier. The money is already there and once the project is complete I automatically get paid!”

Mike T

Web developer


Simple fees, charged to the client directly. What you bill is what you earn!

Payment Protection

Get a project funded before you begin work. Peace of mind for both you and your clients.
On the first $10K
on any funds thereafter
Money in place before you begin each task of a project.
Immediate release of funds once a task is complete.

Direct Payments

Receive payment after a project is complete.
Not protected.
On all funds transferred
No protection if client can't pay.
No protection if client delays payment.

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