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What I’ve Learned in Three Months of Using Trustio

I started a home contracting/handyman business on the side 3 months ago. I started by advertising on Facebook Marketplace that I could build garden sheds and greenhouses for clients, but it quickly grew into people asking me if I could do other handyman type tasks. In the first 2 months, I was able to book over $45,000 in business. The vast majority of it with clients I never met.

  1. Closing clients remotely is a breeze

90% of my clients I never met in person before starting their projects and 100% of them paid for their project in advance with Trustio. All I had to tell them was I take payments through Trustio and that Trustio will hold their money until the project is complete. I would create a project and send it to the client with Trustio and they would sign up and pay. Super simple.

  1. Booking projects in advance gave me peace of mind

With Trustio, I was able to book committed clients, several weeks in advance, with their projects fully funded and money in place. With their payment, I knew they were committed and we’re far, far less likely to find another contractor to do their project while I was able to focus on my current clients. Trustio gave me peace of mind that the money was in place and all I had to do was complete their project. Additionally, with projects already funded, I knew that I would get paid, and on time.

  1. Clients love the updates I send them through Trustio

Since I started using the app. I made it a point to use the Attachments & Notes feature inside the app to update my client on each phase of their project. Clients have continued to thank me for the updates, especially those that were busy/traveling/at the office while I was working. Furthermore, the referrals I’ve received from these clients, tells me I’m on to something good. An informed client, is a happy client, and a happy client talks to their friends and family.

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